Mamaroneck Union Free School District:
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My heart goes out to everyone touched by the senseless violence that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The unspeakable school tragedies and shooting rampages in public areas have occurred all too frequently over the last several years, and makes them seem less random each time.

During the District meeting last night, there were a few suggestions offered to us to make us feel "safer"for the time being while all of the complications are worked out. I, myself still think that drastic measures should be taken right now. No more time should be given to "thought", it's time for ACTION.

One of my main concerns is positioning a person to be a "Greeter" at the main entrance and "training" them how to handle a potentially dangerous person, This situation is best suited for a trained Police Officer, who, within a few seconds can evaluate a person in the quickest amount of time, when time is of the essence.

I offer a few suggestions to considered;

A. An armed, trained security professional at the Entrance door, from 7 am until dismissal.

B. A metal detector should be installed at the front door being monitored by the trained security professional.

C. All doors and exterior gates should be equipped with mag locks which are tied into the fire alarm system with the ability to be bypassed in the event of a fire emergency access for the egress.

D. A (CCTV) system should be installed and monitored by the trained,armed security professional.

We cannot deny that times have changed and we live in a world where the unthinkable becomes thinkable and doable. We need to act NOW in order to prevent any types of future tragedies from happening. There is no more time to think about a solution, our solution is to ACT.

We have to do this for our children and for our children's children. They are counting on all of us.

Thank you.

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