City of Stillwater, Oklahoma
United States of America

In 1999 the Oklahoma legislature passed and Governor Keeting signed HB 493, creating the category of Large Family Child Care Homes, which can be licensed for a maximum of 12 children. This was an important step in addressing child care needs across the state and placed Oklahoma in an equitable position with 44 other states with this category of care.

The City Code of Stillwater, Oklahoma has not been updated since 1993 and does not reflect the newest State legislation in effect. The current City Code limits the Family Day Care Home to a maximum of 7 children.

Current City Code considers Large Family Child Care Homes licensed for more than 7 children to be "Day Care Centers", although the City's definition of "Day Care Center" is in direct contradiction to the State's definition of "Day Care Center".

The demanding and expensive zoning restrictions placed on Large Family Child Care Homes by labeling them as "Centers" diminish the number of licensed providers and cause new providers to remain underground and unlicensed, thus making safe, monitored care less available to parents seeking care for their children.

We are seeking to have City Code amended so that all Family Child Care Homes, including those licensed by the State for up to 12 children, will be classified as an accepted Home-Based Business and all will be treated by the City as equals.

We the undersigned petition the City of Stillwater, OK that section 13.40(F)(15) of the Stillwater City Code be amended to read as follows: "Family Child Care Home. A licensed or approved residential family home which provides care and supervision for twelve(12)or fewer children for part of the 24-hour day. The term "child care home" shall not include informal arrangements which parents make independently with neighbors, friends, and others, caretakers in the child's own home, and shall not include nursery schools, kindergartens, or other facilities of which the purpose is primarily educational, recreational, or medical treatment."

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