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Chancellor Steinmetz of the University of Arkansas
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The Chancellor has agreed to meet ALL FIVE demands. The work doesn't stop here. Continue to apply pressure. More information on the situation here:

Yet again, the University of Arkansas has failed survivors of sexual assault and harassment. Instead of going to court, the University chose to pay a man their own Title IX office found guilty of assault $20,000--an amount larger than most of the scholarships provided by the institution. This decision was made without consulting or notifying the survivor.

On March 31, 2021, Chancellor Joe Steinmetz signed a proclamation stating: “it is important that everyone shares a strong conviction that sexual violence is unacceptable and is contrary to our values as members of the University of Arkansas community and larger public.” Just 12 days later, Chancellor Steinmetz signed the $20,000 settlement. The statement also called upon campus community members to “speak out against sexual violence and support efforts within Arkansas to assist people who are survivors.” We are speaking out.

The University of Arkansas's message is clear: Money is more important than students. Administration has a responsibility to act, and they must do so quickly.

Relevant resources for students:
UARK RESPECT - https://respect.uark.edu/resources/
RAINN - https://www.rainn.org/resources OR 800-656-4673

The pathway to justice for survivors at the University of Arkansas is long. However, we endorse the below actions as a step forward:

1. A $20,001 donation to efforts supporting survivors.
2. Campus-wide implementation of the Callisto app.
3. More trauma-informed staff, selected in part by students, in the Title IX office.
4. University Perspectives and other freshman experience course curriculum on sexual violence.
5. Honoring the Title IX policy that states individuals involved have the right to know the status of an investigation at any time, and including subsequent lawsuits in the aforementioned policy. Nobody, ever again, should have to find out about a lawsuit implicating their Title IX case from a reporter instead of the University.

Gillian Gullett - Class of 2020

Julia Nall - Student Body President 2020-2021
Coleman Warren - Student Body President 2021-2022

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