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Grand Rapids, Michigan, It is time for UNITY.

What power do the words UNITY or DIVISION really have? Quite a bit if you ask me. The goal of this petition is to change a major street name in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The street name is DIVISION AVENUE, and our hope is to change it to UNITY AVENUE.

3 reasons WHY we should change it:
1. It is a proactive action that sets a positive tone for what Grand Rapids is about.
2. It shows the city, state and country that we prefer to unite instead of divide as a community.
3. It demonstrates that we can come together to make a change for the better.

If you believe in this idea and the effect it can have, please sign and share this petition to show your support!

Your fellow citizen,

Kurt French

We the undersigned, support this initiative and call on the city council, the local municipality leadership of the Division Avenue area, and Grand Rapids, Michigan to change the street name DIVISION AVENUE to UNITY AVENUE.

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