World Governments

By signing this petition I recognise that:

· Recent changes in our atmosphere are due to humankind’s exploitation of planet earth. These changes are having a negative impact on all life, and as they increase, they make the world a less hospitable environment for both humans and other life forms.

· The global economy, which relies on oil, cannot be sustained unless energy is sourced from broader and more environmentally friendly means.

· We have already extracted around half of the world’s oil, and soon we will be forced to make changes to the way we live our lives.

Equipped with this knowledge, I urge Governments, both in my own nation, and around the world to:

· Actively work to lower emissions of so-called ‘greenhouse gasses’ in their own nations by an achievable and realistic, yet effective amount each year. This should involve both the education of citizens about the dangers of climate change and the legislative measures necessary to achieve such goals.

· Urge other nations to do likewise, and to place pressure on those who are at first unwilling to work for these objectives.

· Set up, through international diplomacy, an organisation to ensure that internationally, global CO2 emissions are reduced by at least 2% per annum for the next 40 years.

By signing this petition, I am saying that I am willing to adapt my lifestyle in order to help the reversal of climate change and that I will support action taken by governments to help do so, so long as it does not contravene with my ethical or religious beliefs.

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