Apple Inc.
Hong Kong

It's wonderful that iTunes store has finally landed Hong Kong, allowing local music lovers to enjoy the quick and easy way to purchase copyrighted music any time, anywhere.

However, the names of some Hong Kong/ Taiwanese/ Mainland Chinese artists, Canto-pop and Mando-pop song and album titles, appear in English (which most of us can decode) or worse, in Mandarin pinyin ONLY!

In Hong Kong, we read authentic, i.e. traditional Chinese characters. We might speak Mandarin other than Cantonese and English, but most of us cannot decode the Mandarin pinyin as this is not part of our culture.

In this petition, I hope you can support my cause to ask Apple Inc. to reinstate all the Canto-pop and Mando-pop song and album titles in traditional Chinese characters its iTunes Hong Kong store.

This not only makes digital music shopping more convenient for us Hong Kong music lovers. It is also an act to protect our very own traditional Chinese heritage and roots, telling the world that though Hong Kong is a very small place, we deserve the respect we need.

Thank you for your support!

We, the undersigned, call on Apple Inc. to reinstate traditional Chinese characters for the names of all Chinese musicians as well as Canto-pop and Mando-pop song and album titles in iTunes Music store.

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