#Human Rights
Department of Homeland Security
United States of America

We have set out this petition in regards to "NAME". Mrs. NAME entered the US ilegally but is trying with the upmost effort to become a legal US citizen. In the time Mrs. "NAME" has been in the United States, she has married and has started a family. She has three children ranging from age four to two. She is a stay at home mom, not earning any US money or taking away from any US citizen.

Her husband who is a US citizen is employeed full-time and provides for the family. After applying to become a legal resident, it was discovered as punishment, she would have to return to Mexico until the application process was completed. This time would range from six month to ten years!

We the signers below are petionting that this does not happen. If Mrs. "NAME" is sent back to Mexico, her family will be uprooted as Mr. "Name" will be unable to care for the three children.

To let Mrs. "NAME" remain in the US until the process of becoming a legal resident is completed.

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