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Slumber Parties distributors request that President Kim Brecheen update our current Party Leads system and replace our current Coordinator with an individual better matched to the needs of the distributors.

Dearest Kim,

We, The Undersigned, request a new, unbiased Party Leads Coordinator be instated. Many distributors found that our Party Leads system with the current Coordinator, Kathy Thrasher, leaves much to be desired. Many more, while entirely impartial to Kathy’s decision-making skills, agree that the Party Leads Coordinator position could be more fairly designated to an individual with the following characteristics:

1. No downline. Eliminates temptation to give lead preference to their own downline, thereby increasing their own income.
2. No distributor status. Eliminates temptation to take advantage of first contact with recruit leads by signing recruit leads to their own downline without putting them into the queue.
3. No interest in becoming a Slumber Parties distributor to encourage long-term integrity of the position.
4. Ability to understand and fairly troubleshoot the automated party leads system. Returned party leads with legitimate reasons provided should not cause the distributor to be passed over for future leads.
5. Ability to receive distributor feedback cordially and objectively with respect to individual decision-making and system problems, as well as to make recommendations for improvement to superiors.
6. Ability to multi-task and maintain detailed organization and attention to every facet of the party leads system and incoming leads while adhering to Party Leads Regulations, without giving preference to any distributor.
7. Ability to respond publicly to each lead posted on the bulletin board to ensure equal distribution of posted leads between most those a) most qualified, b) most stocked, and c) quickest-to-respond in a “checks and balances” system that all distributors can participate in. See numbers 1 and 2.

Furthermore, should you decide to implement our recommendations, we hope the current Coordinator does not suffer any adverse effects to her distributor status. We would also suggest that the current Coordinator participate in training the new, objective Coordinator in concert with no less than 2 other members of the Advisory Board and 1 member of Tech Support or another who is aware of the logistics of the system.

These recommendations and requests do not necessarily represent those distributors who have not signed. The Undersigned believe that implementing these suggestions as soon as possible will greatly improve each distributor’s relationship with the corporate office as well as everyone’s business. We look forward to your publicized response.

Thank you.

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