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Canadian Parliament

During the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics, Canadians from all ethnicities and genders sang O Canada to celebrate our athletes and our successes. We are indeed, an "experiment gone right for a change."

The recent Federal Government Throne Speech advocated the need to examine the lyrics of O Canada to make it inclusive of all genders. That goal was prematurely abandoned by the Conservative Government; after only two days of limited dialogue.

Let it be said, all the people of Canada, stand on guard for thee, and not just thy sons command.

The 2010 Olympics were the people's Olympics because we the people of Canada stood in the streets to celebrate our athletes and our country. Now is the time to make O Canada the people's anthem. Now is the time to ensure all Canadian children see themselves as valuable citizens of Canada.

We the undersigned, call on the politicians of all political stripes and from all levels of Canadian governments; municipal, provincial, territories, and federal to rally behind the voices of all the people of Canada and change the words to O Canada by eliminating the existing gender bias.

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