The political elite of this Planet

The World is going in the wrong direction, politically and socially - it is time for the political elite to re-evalute what they are doing.

Everyone agrees these are challenging times - but are we going in the right direction, politically, and doing the right things. I fear not.

More and more we see an insane amount of new regulations entering our lives, many of which are ill thought out, make things worse in some respect and don't actually solve any real problems. The new EU wide banking restictive regulations are a case to consider - not yet applied, but all of the talk suggests it will be another cow designed by a committee.

Our lives have been alterd to a huge degree by oppressive legislation, allegedly against terrorists, but we find councils taking advantage of such to spy on people who may not be in a school catchment area.

The UN issues decrees, for example, they wrote to all governments saying that very young kids should get explicit sexual education. There are no sane grounds for this, and the fact that the UN has been implicated in perversions involving kids does not make this an organisation I want to trust. The UN also interferred in the UK by saying the Monarchy should be abolished.

As more and more politically motivated global organisations spread their combined messages, they are not one of sanity, rather, they are moving us towards a single political solution - a one size fits all kind of world, where people are ignored by those in power that would only push their own agenda, despite any messages they would get from the people who are more and more under the effect of bad government.

The EU is perhaps the best example of a runaway political movement that doesn't involve the people in its decisions. I will just say "The Lisbon Treaty" - Need I say more.

OK, so we are going the wrong political direction, given that many of the proposed solutions, and this involves the worst excesses of the environmental lobby, are of the type that the old USSR would have been proud of.

Innovation and personal integrity are being stifled. Responsibility for everything now is with some governing body, be it an unelected quango or some hidden 'crat lurking behind a government minister.

This is not how it was meant to be. Politicians have failed us miserably by creating terrorism, when diplomacy would have been the sane approach, but whose purpose is being served in this matter?

We the undersigned beg the political elite of Our Planet Earth to look again at what is happening to our world, to see the misery and potential harm that is being done by proceeding in the political direction we are being taken.

No referendums have been provided to let the people say that yes, they want to be part of a political entity that involves a single government, where our democratic liberties are squashed and ignored.

We deserve a brighter future than the one that is currently being designed, based as it is on the lowest common denominators of rationality and the worst kind of socialistic doctrine.

This petition begs, nay DEMANDS, that some logic and sanity be applied to world affairs, and that the political elite are charged with restoring this balance, while ensuring that people are allowed to live their lives without petty restrictions and to their full potential.

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