Since more than 30 years Lebanon has been going down the drain. The reason resides behind the politicians that are in control of my and your country.

The faces we see in our everyday political lives are either warlords, thieves, or criminals. It is the time for a change!
You and I can make the difference !!

We, the undersigned, demand all (we mean all) of the political members of our beloved Lebanese state to let go and not to run for the next elections. We are fed up from your wars, thefts, and crimes.

We further, demand all the neutral new generation politicians to run for these elections after a full revision of the lebanese constitution and under new and fair election laws.

Thus, we have the chance to elect free and young representatives that aim at providing each and everyone of us a decent life !

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The Time for a New Lebanon petition to Government was written by Haitham and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.