Everyone who cares about our dying Mother Nature.

Our ignorance of global warming is deadly. Mother Nature is dying, and what comes with her is-prepare for this-EVERYONE. From forest inhabitants to penguins to rainforests to snakes and to US. Actually, everyone is involved with it.

Our precious Planet Earth will be completely destroyed when we pollute too much. It will become a twin of Venus, a victim of the greenhouse effect, oxygen loss, extinction, rainforest clearing, ozone layer thinning, polar ice caps melting, sea level rising, increased flooding and drought in different areas, sewage, and what we know best-POLLUTION!

From dropping icecream sandwich wrappers and throwing your tiny, insignificant candy wrappers on the ground and spitting your chewing gum into the grass and discarding your banana peels, and extreme polluting by wasting glass, styrofoam, cars, and plastic. Please! REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. How many times have you ever heard those 3 simple words? I bet $100 you have. If you don't, I don't believe you... well, you learned your lesson.

Sign this if you want a cleaner world with more years ahead of you. Do you want your children to live in a world without a clean path to walk on? Do you want a world without a way to enjoy nature properly?

Think more about the future, citizens. For the sake of Earth.

We, the Homo sapiens responsible for littering Mother Nature's grounds, promise to do everything possible to limit our trash.

We will turn this dirty, global warming effected planet into a clean, green planet without overflowing garbage cans and proper disposal rules.

We the humans of our Earth pledge to do all within our reach to change our normal lives into days of citizenship, caring, and character by befriending this green planet once again, for our future depends on it.

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