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1. Support full extraterrestrial disclosure

There are hundreds if not thousands of years of evidence least of all the last hundred years, that say we already have had contact with extraterrestrials.

So please accept that we have a right to know all that the American government knows on this subject.

2. Stop the Texas Slaughter of Horses to be Sold as Delicacies in France, Belgium, Germany and Japan

Texas House Bill 1324 introduced by Rep. Betty Brown (R-Kaufman) has passed the House vote and, if passed in the Texas Senate, will make legal the slaughter of horses for human consumption in foreign countries.

There are two slaughterhouses in Texas: The Beltex in Fort Worth is owned by a Belgium company and the Dallas Crown in Kaufman, by a French company. All profits from horse slaughter in Texas go to those companies.

In 2002 over 42,000 healthy horses were inhumanely transported and inhumanely killed to provided *delicacies* abroad.

Texans have not only a long and rich history with horses but continue to enjoy a working, recreational, and caring relationship with horses.

How can we, in this great state, allow such irresponsible, unethical, immoral treatment of a creature who has provided us with immeasurable benefits.

Do we as human beings owe our anumals such treatment. What in the world are our legislators thinking!

Please join us on May 9 in Austin to protest the signing of this bill into law.

Please sign this petition to present to State Senator Steve Ogden by May 5, 2003 to protest this despicable bill.

3. Raise Direct Support Staff (MR/DD) Rates

Direct Support Staff who work with people with developmental disabilities do not recieve adequate compensation for the work they do. They are often asked to work long hours doing very demanding work that affects people's lives. They cannot make a living wage working at just one job. Most are single mothers trying to raise their family and they must take two or more jobs to make ends meet.

Most importantly, the work they do is very important for the people they work with and for society. By paying direct support staff minimum wage or slightly above they and their work is devalued. Caring for other human beings the hardest and most important work in our society. They should be paid accordingly and should recieve a living wage.

4. Third World Human Rights

This petition is about the human beings in the Thirld World who are suffring from their corrupted, destroying, and heartless leaders. The strong, and greedy countries place them to get their benefit. The suffering of the Third World human beings has been going on for years and years. Why? All human beings (the good ones) want freedom, independence, and human rights.

5. Abolish The Death Penalty in the USA

A petition to abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S.

Please abolish the Death Penalty in the U.S. We are supposed to be a land of forgiveness and freedom. What ever happened to the morals in our Great country? The Bible states, "Thou shall not kill." I can not find where it says ,except for government. We can not, and will not stand for the State sanctioned murder of anymore human beings.

Please find the compassion in your heart and souls to put an end to the heartbreak and suffering of all the families and friends of the victims on both sides.

6. Stop 1st nonvol Ohio execution since 1960's

The State of Ohio has not in violation of the spiritual and ethical beliefs of Ohioans killed a prisoner who was a nonvolunteer since the 1960's.

Jay Scott has been scheduled for state murder on April 17. Please work and pray and send positive thought that this execution be cancelled.

Note the following addresses:
Governor Robert Taft Riffe Center
77 South High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-466-9555 fax 614-466-9354

Exodus: THOU SHALT NOT KILL (is not asterisked with exceptions); John 8: 7 describes Jesus' prevention of a capital crime execution in progress. Quran: Allah is all merciful. Buddhist Pali stotras: May all that have life be delivered from suffering. Jains: Kill not. Cause no pain. Hippocratic Oath: first do no harm Isaiah: I delight not in your blood sacrifices. Bhagavad Gita: Ahimsa to all beings nonviolence to all beings.