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Honor killings are an embarrassment to humanity.

Fellow human beings are being assassinated in the most inhumane methods. Daughters and wives are being brutally tortured, stoned, and murdered by their own families, all in the name of "honor." This widespread epidemic of such atrocious acts fueled by fundamentalist thinking—dating back to pagan times—is inexcusable. Honor killings are often supported, overlooked, and undermined by authorities and persons of influence.

These murders are committed not just in Muslim countries but around the world, with alarmingly increasing rates on such continents as Europe and North America, which contain some of the most advanced countries of the 21st Century. It is a shame to all humanity that women (and some men) are subject to such barbaric crimes—threatened, tortured in agony, dying the most gruesome deaths.

Statistics Related to Honor Killing:

- 93% of honor killings worldwide are committed against women
- 91% of honor killings are committed by Muslims
- 81% of honor killings committed in Western civilizations are for being “too Western”
- 81% of female victims of honor killing 25 years or younger are murdered by their family of origin
- 68% of women who are victims of honor killing are gruesomely tortured
- Approximately 50% of honor killings are committed by multiple perpetrators

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This signature is evidence of my opposition to the practice of honor killing around the world and represents my urgent request for intervention by the United Nations to protect our fellow mankind and ensure their most basic human right — the right to life.

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