NYS Education Dept.
United States of America

A lot of our schools are run amock. Teachers, Principles, Guidance Counselors, etc don't know how to understand our children. They see them the way they want to. And if your child's grades stay low, they try and lable them or say they don't pay attention. Some teachers physically touch our children and get away with it because of their Teacher Contract. Some authoritive figures in our school just get sick of handling our children and recommend them to quit school. All authoritive figures in our schools should have to have further education themselves to learn how to understand our children. And with such large classes, our children having problems with grades don't get the extra help they need.

Our schools and their educational teachers need a deeper,thorough examination. All for our children's sakes. And only 3 minutes in between classes to go to lockers and get books is outrageous! Then when they are late, they get detention! What good is this teaching our children? Somebody help our children. They are the next generation and our future authoritive figures!

Help our schools teach our children right.

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