ABC, The Producers of "The View", and the hosts of "The View"
United States of America

July 26, 2006

Several websites, televised media, as well as printed media have addressed the treatment of African-American women guest hosts on "The View". These women have been treated with offensive and humiliating statements and actions. For instance:

1. "Barbara Walters, with no warning, grabs some of Brandy's curly locks and asks, "Is this your real hair?"

2. Just before signing off, Walters took a pull at (Tanika) Ray's hair to check for authenticity. Tanika showed everyone that it was all real.

3. (although her hair was not pulled) Barbara refers to Mo'Nique's children as creatures.

Personally, I'm offended!!! How dare she! Just because she's Barbara Walters that does not give her the right to treat people in this manner. I am no fan of Star, but if this is what she had to contend with while on The View, it's no wonder why she was perceived as defensive on the show. She had to be..........while dealing with this old "lady".

I am starting an online petition for African-American women to speak out against the actions of Barbara Walters and other hosts of The View for not stopping the degrading actions of their boss.

This petition will be forwarded to ABC, the hosts, and the Producers of The View.

One voice can make a difference. My voice, as well as yours, will be heard and this kind of disrespect will stop.

The "The View" - Degradation & Humiliation petition to ABC, The Producers of "The View", and the hosts of "The View" was written by Tonya Richardson and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.