#Law Reform
United States Congress
United States of America

The following citizens of the State of New York, hereby demand the legalization of the non-monitored, mildly-regulated use of Cannabis sativa. The disapprovement marijuana has seemingly shrunk; the approval of Cannabis has seemingly increased.

The undersigned approve this petition; a petition in regards to the non-monitored use of the Cannabis sativa, calls for the legalization of said species. The Cannabis sativa has been used since c. Third Millennium BC as a source of fiber, seed oil, food, hemp, jewelry, apparel, spiritual reasons, a recreational drug, and medication.

The undersigned firmly believe that the United States of America's foundation is the right to free will. If you, the reader of this document, believe that this not be the will of the undersigned American citizens, below is your answer.

With this brief understatement's conclusion, we, the undersigned, hope that the government of the United States of America have seized the prohibition on Cannabis sativa, and that this non-toxic, useful species can be grown, harvested, and cultivated freely and willingly by any American.

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The The Reformation to the Marijuana/Cannabis Prohibition petition to United States Congress was written by Dominic Mosley and is in the category Law Reform at GoPetition.