#Children's Rights
This petition will be sent to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in hope of actually making a change.
United Kingdom

This petition was inspired by the recent events of Baby P (Peter), Baby P was a 17 month old child abused by his own parents, the authorities failed to acknowledge the neglect the child had & unfortunately he died at the young age of 17th months due to severe physical injuries including; eight broken ribs, a broken back and the top missing off a finger. How the authorities were unable to notice this shocks me, something needs to be done.

However this isn't the only incident which has shocked me, Baby Nia, a 3 year old toddler in New Zealand sustained injuries over a period of time, by two men, believed to be her father and uncle, she had be placed in a clothes dryer on high heat, beaten, and dropped on her head, she was 3. The men however, unlike in the UK have been found guilty of murder.

And everyone remembers what happened to Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman, Maddie McCann & the intolerable cruelty that Beverely Allitt inflicted on children.
We live in a cruel cruel world and something has to be done to help the children of today's generation.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Prime Minister & The Houses Of Parliament to do more to prevent child abuse & neglect.

* It should be compulsory for health visitors to visit homes every week, including weekends until the children are at primary school.

* School children need to become aware that they can talk to someone within the school about domestic issues.

* A free course should be given to those who want to be a health visitor or a nurse figure who the children can talk to in schools.

* More in-depth advice given to children in Secondary schools to become aware of paedophilia.

* Life sentences to those who's neglect results in the death of a child (no secret identities or police protection).

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