All internet users

The "Just Say Nothing" campaign aims to combat deliberately argumentative and aggressive behaviour in online communities (otherwise known as "trolling") by encouraging people to completely ignore anyone who acts in this fashion (i.e. "trolls"). For a full description of the campaign, and updates on its progress, please visit the above website.

We, the undersigned, hereby pledge to never respond in any way to deliberately argumentative and/or insulting – or “trollish” – behaviour wherever we encounter it in places of open discussion on the internet, except by reporting the perpetrating “troll” to a website moderator or administrator for punitive action; nor shall we engage in such behaviour ourselves; nor shall we publicly respond to others insofar as they respond to it. We shall ignore the troll completely until such time as their behaviour improves; and where convenient, we shall privately encourage others to do the same.

We believe that this sustained lack of acknowledgement will ultimately minimise the quantity of disruptive behaviour online and create a friendlier and more productive web environment for all users.

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