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A petition to grant a special 24 hour limited access to Johnny Ray, aka JR.

This petition is hereby submitted by the congregation of the T-Dance party, to the powers that may be residing under the d.b.a, the EndUp, to grant Johnny Ray (aka'JR') a special 24-hour period reprive from his current status of banishment set in forth during the month of November in the year of 2004. Aforementioned 24-hour period will be set to commence upon satisfactory petition approval.

Request is made in the light of the holiday season and good will to all of mankind. As a measure of good faith congregation members Jason Patel and Windy Brown (parrishiners of T-Dance) will forfiet their rights and privileges for the next twelve month period if JR does not comply with the EndUp's rules and regulations, as well as, both California and Federal State laws mandate.

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The The J.R. Act of 2004 petition to EndUp since 1973 was written by Karyna Fuentes and is in the category Law & Order at GoPetition.