Gary Neville
United Kingdom

June 3, 2006

This petition aims to celebrate the services of an unsung hero in the England side. The player is Gary (G) Neville, who wears the numbers two (2) shirt for England, hence the G2 pact.

For a few years now a group of gentlemen in the north of England have held a pact. If G scores then a drinking session commences within the hour. As most of you are aware, this rarely happens.

The idea of this petition is to create a phenomenon. We want as many people as possible to sign up for the pact in the next 7 days, just in time for England's first world cup match. If you sign up, you agree to drop everything and commence drinking as soon as possible in the event of G netting a goal.

Hopefully in the next 7 days, with your help we can start this phenomonen and at least 2000 people will agree to get smashed if G scores. If you are keen, please sign up, then forward this address to as many people as possible.

You must be aware that when signing up, you agree to forget everything and join your comrades in a boozy do, regardless of prior commitments (next day at work etc).

If we're very lucky, the England team may even hear of our mission and let G take a penalty in an easy game, hence starting the boozy downfall of a nation.

If Gary Neville scores in any world cup match then you solemnly agree to commence a boozing session within the hour. Penalty shootouts don't count.

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