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The Hip Hop Music Industry

This petition was designed to preserve and restore the culture of hip hop, which has been bastardized and virtually destroyed as we know it by money-hungry record companies and various music professionals. These individuals have marketed and promoted music to the masses of people who have been brainwashed to buy this low-quality music. A revolution has been created to bring hip hop back to the essence of its culture.

Hip hop is in a time of crisis. Gone are the days of pure hip hop. Front Line Entertainment's purpose is simple yet complex: to gain back control of what we hear and what we love. The labels, radio stations, music DJ's, magazines and newspapers have monopolized our culture and created a money laundering service which only lines their pockets at our expense. We have been subjected to a watered-down carbon copy that true pioneers of our music revolutionized. And it's not fair to us. This petition has been created to target major labels and other industry professionals who have taken what was once ours and destroyed it. This is called the Front Line Revolution. Our goal is to generate a mass marketing campaign to bring hip hop back to what it once was. Doubt What We Say...Believe What We Do!

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