The Crown Prosecution Service, Chief of Police and the UK Government

I am very limited to the information i can disclose regarding the background of this case to share with everyone so they have an understanding as I am fearful this could impair the decision to the CPS. But, I will try to be as informative as possible and I hope people can understand this.
Today I received information regarding a male who allegedly historically sexually assaulted two children when they were 6 and 8 years old (2007). This male, who has a long standing history of sexual incidents and violence towards women and children, is well known by the police, local community and other local authorities. He has had all his children taken from his care permanently and received prison sentences for violence against women. He has intimidated and threatened the family and the children to stay quiet.
Today i was informed how CPS have refused to continue with their case against him due to MINOR discrepancies.
This was appealed against twice by the DC who lead this investigation as they believed in this case so much. These, now young adults did not get their chance to have their say in court due to someone in CPS saying there is a slight doubt and the COST is too great to send it to court when there is a chance this person could walk free !!
His history was not taken into account or the reasons behind what they saw as these "discrepancies".
One of these children has been diagnosed with PTSD and made numerous attempts on their life after what happened and the other has said they would rather be dead than live life in the body they were born into.
All they wanted was their chance to stand in court and be heard. They knew there was a chance he could walk free but to make it to court and have their say was imperative. Now, due to COST and minor discrepancies from a person who knows nothing of this case just a bunch of notes, the DC even begged for them to give the children an opportunity to tell their side to a jury and for them to make the decision. This was refused.
These children put their faith in the justice system, opened up old wounds and faced a world of torment in doing so.
This man during this investigation approached their home and made threats. Warnings were put in place and he was told to stay away. Now this has been dropped he is free to do what he wants again.
Once again these Children are left confused and feel completely let down by a judicial system they put their faith into.
All these children want is a chance for justice and to be fairly heard by a jury in a court of law where ALL facts will be heard and questions regarding any discrepancies can be answered fairly by them.
They need closure and a chance.
After all they have suffered how can anyone put a price on that!
With this petition I am hoping people will sign and support them, I am wanting to present this petition to the police, CPS and the Government.
Things need to change where sexual offenders are concerned,
Their victims deserve the right to stand and be heard without having to fight for it.
I hope you will support me in this case to help give these children some hope. I am also hoping for a positive result in helping bring this case to trial. I thank you for taking the time to read and sign this.
Thank you again.

I, the undersigned, am presenting this petition to the Chief of Police, Head of The Crown Prosecution Service and members of parliament, with the possibility of a reconsideration in the above case.
To ask you to allow this case to go to a court and have ALL facts, questions regarding any discrepancies can be answered fairly and all information can be reviewed over by a judge and jury within the UK.

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