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Amur leopard and tiger alliance

The Amur leopard is listed as critically endangered.
Amur leopards live in the temperate forests of Far Eastern Russia and mountain regions. Historically Amur leopards have been found in eastern China, southeastern Russia, and throughout the Korean Peninsula.
Amur leopards have the lowest levels of genetic variation of any leopard subspecies. If the Amur leopard were to go extinct, there will be MANY negative impacts on the ecosystem. Without the Amur leopard, the animals it preys on may have less control on their potential population growth, and may overgraze, which will affect the ecosystem biodiversity. Also without the Amur leopard there to even out the populations, there will be too many tertiary consumers, so the the secondary consumers will become less, which is not good for the food chain, nor the biodiversity in the Amur leopards habitat.

The Amur leopard is critically endangered and needs our help!
As of January, there were 40 Amur leopards in the wild.
The main reason, as it is for many endangered animals is the Illegal Wildlife Trade.
The Amur leopard is hunted and killed for its beautiful fur coat, their habitat is being destroyed by destruction from commercial logging, food source is killed by people living nearby, which makes them look for food which makes them less secretive and susceptible to traps and bullets of poachers.
Ways to help save the Amur leopard are...
Stop poaching and the Illegal Wildlife Trade, protecting the habitats of the Amur leopard, becoming a Defender of Wildlife, by spreading awareness, adopt an Amur leopard through the WWF and many more.

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