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What links Glasgow University to the seige of Gaza?

Since Israel's savage bombardment and invasion of Gaza in late December, thousands of civilians (including hundreds of children) have been killed or maimed by Israeli weapons. Britain has consisently sold weapons to Israel despite their ongoing occupation of Palestinian land. Over recent years it has licensed arms exports to Israel worth between £10 - 25 million each year. In the first half of 2008 alone the UK government approved arms worth over £24 million.

Many of these weapons were purchased from companies such as BAE Systems (White Phosphorus bombs), Lockheed Martin (F-16 jets) and Westland Helicopters (Apache Attack Helicopters) - companies that our university is deeply involved with - and have been used by Israel to commit war crimes in Gaza.

Over the last eight years, Glasgow University has received upwards of £5 million from companies involved in the development and manufacture of weapons technology. This includes £131 000 from BAE Systems to the Computer Science Department, £198 000 from Westland Helicopters to the Aerospace Engineering Department, and much more. The Ministry of Defence has also made multiple payments to various departments across campus.

For our universit to be funded by those who make weapons for murderers is an outrage.

We should put a stop to it.


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We the undersigned demand that the University of Glasgow cease investing in, and accepting funding from companies involved in the trade and development of military arms.

This petition will be presented to the principal of the University on Thursday 5 February – assemble at the main gates at 1 pm.

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