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2009 will mark the 10 year Anniversary of Britney Spears’ first album, Baby One More Time. The album went 14x Platinum (Diamond), selling 14 million copies in the US alone and 22 million worldwide. It launched the career of a woman who is now the most famous icon in the world.

Britney has now sold over 84 million records worldwide, making her the 8th highest selling female recording artist in American music history and among the most successful of all time internationally. Her star power and mass appeal has been consistent throughout her career, as proven by her staggering 17 top ten international hits, 7 of which reached the very top of the charts.

As a Grammy Award winner who’s accumulated approximately 200 awards over the course of her professional career, Spears has solidified her legend and place among the greatest performers of all time.

We, the undersigned, would like the Jive/Zomba record label to release a compilation of unreleased and never-before heard Britney Spears songs in celebration of the 10 year Anniversary of her first studio album, Baby One More Time.

Many of the demos that leaked in both the In The Zone and Blackout eras featured exceptional production and songwriting, delivering songs that even Britney would be proud to release. Beyond that, there’s also the songs Britney recorded for her album ‘Original Doll’ which was due to be released in 2006, but never hit shelves due to her first pregnancy.

With all the material Jive/Zomba has stashed away in their archives, we’re sure they’d be more than capable of releasing a special collection of material in celebration of Britney’s career. A release like this would require no promotional effort on behalf of Britney, and it would essentially be done for the millions of fans around the world that have helped shape Britney into the icon she is today.

On behalf of the Britney Boxset team, we strongly encourage you to sign our petition and help us promote it. With an overwhelming display of support and effort from Britney fans around the world, we believe we can turn this unlikely proposition into a reality.

Thank you,
The Britney Boxset Team

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