The Austrlian Prime Minister of the time, State Premiers and all MPs'

Climate change is upon us now. Some scientists are giving us ten years before we have made our survival on this planet quetionable. It is time we made real changes, real fast to ensure the survival of life on this planet.

That is why I am issuing a genuine challenge to all political parties and government in Australia to make changes within two years. We need to save ourselves and nuclear is not the way either.

We, that have signed this petition, call upon the Prime Minister, all government ministers, political parties and individuals to take on this two year challenge for our nation.

We as signatories sign up to volunteer our time and labour to help in the manufacture and installation of solar, wind, tidal and geothermal electic power generating devices to be installed aound our nation. To assist in the planting of new forests and maintainance of such.

We call on our government to organise and implement the total replacement of our fossil fuel burning power generators and encourage the use of electric vehicles in this country. We call on the supply and fitment of electric motors and batteries to our existing motor vehicles and the introduction of electric vehicles in Australia.

We call upon ALL AUSTRALIANS to commit to the TWO YEAR CHALLENGE to reduce our green house gas emission by ninety percent in two years. We know it can be done. Lets just do it and show the world it can be done. If we do it, the rest of the world then has eight years to catch up.

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