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Great Lakes Council

The petition of residents of the Great Lakes Area:

Brings to the attention of Great Lakes Council that our area has been widely documented as a place of high biological diversity on the Australian continent. That the biodiversity of the Great Lakes area is of national significance, but faces many serious threats to its continued existence and health.

The Great Lakes area is also home to several lake systems, each providing essential feeding and breeding habitat for a wide range of species, including migratory birds and valuable commercial fisheries. Our lake systems are also home to one of our primary local industries - oyster farming. The substantial rainfall and fertile soils that characterize much of the Great Lakes area support thriving and diverse agricultural industries, including beef and dairy cattle, varied food crops, horticulture, and timber plantations.

We believe that the biodiversity, water resources, and agricultural and sustainable industries, as well as the livelihoods and well being of the people of the Great Lakes, will be directly threatened by the impacts of the exploration and extraction of coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas, including tight sands gas. The growing body of evidence worldwide suggests the production of unconventional gas will leave a polluted legacy in the soil, water and natural environment and will create public health problems of unprecedented proportions.

It is of grave concern to the below petitioners, to know of the approved placement of a number of CSG well's at the headwaters of the Gloucester Valley - which is part of the catchment that supplies drinking water for the Gloucester, Taree and Great Lakes region.

We the residents of the Great Lakes area are best placed to protect this area now and for future generations.

The undersigned petitioners therefore ask Great Lakes Council area to become a CSG FREE ZONE and to pledge to protect the Great Lakes Area as best they can from CSG mining and any other forms of mining for unconventional gas, including tight sands gas.

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