United States of America

I have the right...

1.) To always be treated with respect;

2.) To be treated as an equal;

3.) To be in a healthy relationship;

4.) To not be controlled, manipulated, or jealous;

5.) To have a honest, and truthful relationship and one with good communication;

6.) To not be hurt physically or emotionally;

7.) To feel safe in my relationship at all times;

8.) To refuse sex or affection at anytime;

9.) To consensual sexual decisions, the right not to have sex, even if I have before.

10.) To have friends and activities apart from my boyfriend or girlfriend;

11.) To spend time by myself, with male or female friends and with family.

12.) To end a relationship without feeling guilty or being harassed or threatened.

"Teen Dating Bill or Rights" from dosomething.org

If you agree with the eleven statements above sign this and make a pledge to yourself to stick to it!

For more information on teen dating abuse and how you can help visit dosomething.org or breakthecycle.org

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