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To The United States Congress:

While quadrupling the number of people in correctional facilities over the past 30 years has played a major role in reducing crime, America's problematic prison system has done a poor job of ensuring that convicts who leaves the prison gates are ready to lead productive lives.

America releases about 550,000-600,000 each year, and does little to prepare them for work or school and-not surprisingly re-arrest most of them within three years after being released. Few released convicts find full-time work and many abandon spouses and children. People who have already spent time in prison or jail move back to some of America's poorest neighboorhoods to terrorize neighbors who can ill afford the cost of crime.

This must stop. I am asking The United States Congress to pass a law that would give employers tax incentives if they hire former convicts.

We need to send a strong message that former convicts deserves a second chance in life. If we as a civilized society cannot give them that chance, then i say we are partly responsible for them being re-arrested for not receiving a fair chance like the rest of us.

Petition to the United States Congress to pass a law that would let employers receive tax credits if they hire former convicts.

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