#Law & Order
Local Member of Parliament, Police

The Australian public are sick of seeing police kill people with the use of unnecessary force and violence. In recent years the Australian Police have killed at least 5 people with tasers alone.

In the U.S.A police have killed over 500 people with the use of tasers. The United Nations Committee Against Torture said in 2007 that “TASER electronic stun guns are a form of torture that can kill”. Police already have a great array of weapons at their disposal, and another, more deadly weapon in unsafe hands is a recipe for disaster.

This petition has been started with an aim to remove all tasers from Australian police forces and to encourage retraining with less violent, less lethal methods.

Tasers cause unnecessary deaths and wounding that can easily be avoided. Help remove these dangerous weapons from Australian streets in all forms.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian government to outlaw the use of Tasers by all members of Australian society, be they police, armed forces or ordinary citizens.

We also call on the Australian government to fund retraining of Australian police forces in less violent, less lethal methods of dealing with suspects.

Too many people have been killed with unnecessary, violent force by police in Australia and we want this to end.

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