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The Annual Remembrance Day Parade at the Cenotaph in Whitehall is the nation’s homage to all those from the British Isles and Commonwealth who laid down their lives in two great world Wars and other conflicts to preserve our freedom.

The Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties clearly have little or no regard or respect for the citizens of our country, the defence of this country, the Commonwealth, HM The Queen and the principles for which the fallen we are remembering, died for. They are even sending dead servicemens' coffins down the back streets to prevent the public from paying their respects.

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We the undersigned petition HM The Queen and Royal British Legion to make the Remembrance Day Parade non- political by excluding the Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour parties from being represented at the Cenotaph.


1.1 Would a traitor like William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw in WWII) be welcome to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph ceremony?

1.2 Certainly not, so why are the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties represented at the Cenotaph? Their commitment is to the EU, which has the same ultimate objectives as William Joyce, i.e. the elimination of the United Kingdom as a nation and its complete subjugation by a foreign power.

1.3 The ultimate sacrifice of our fallen comrades has therefore been squandered at great political and financial cost.

1.4 The unnecessary cost of the EU (£15 Million/hr) helps prevent our armed forces and essential services from being adequately manned, armed and equipped.

1.5 The savage 30% cut in the defence budget and similar budget cuts for essential services demonstrates the low priority these parties have for the defence of our country and for our armed and essential services.

1.6 The Coldstream Guards may be axed, yet the coalition can throw away £20 Billion this year to shore up the euro.

1.7 Despite pre-election promises all three parties have callously denied us the opportunity of deciding whether our armed forces, fire services, police and NHS should be adequately staffed and equipped and our fishing rights restored or ₤Billions of our taxes wasted on the cost of being in the EU, for no benefit whatsoever.*

1.8 All three parties recognise the supremacy of governance by foreigners in Brussels as overriding that of our ancient parliament in Westminster. This is not what our fallen comrades died for.

1.9 The Commonwealth provided many service men and women who fought and died for our freedom.

1.10 Being in the EU severely disadvantages the Commonwealth compared to EU countries, to which we owe nothing, but which owed us and the Commonwealth their freedom.**

1.11 All MP’s have taken an oath of allegiance to HM the Queen. However, HM the Queen has been determined by all three parties to be “just another citizen of the EU” in accordance with EU policy which makes a nonsense of their oath of allegiance.

1.12 Our armed forces are being put under the control of unelected EU foreigners based in Brussels. When the EU fully controls UK foreign policy our forces could be used against British or Commonwealth interests or even against Commonwealth countries, such as Canada.***

1.13 As the Queen is also Queen of Canada this could be the equivalent of a civil war.

1.14 The Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties cannot be representing the “government” as the main “government” of the UK is in Brussels.

1.15 There are more than three British political parties represented in Brussels, the main seat of the government of the United Kingdom. Should they (and possibly every foreign party represented in Brussels) be at the Cenotaph?


It is concluded that the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties should not be represented at the Cenotaph.

You are therefore asked to sign this petition to have the Remembrance Day Parade made non-political by excluding the leaders of these parties. Our fallen comrades deserve respect not hypocrisy.

* The EU is promoted by the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties as a trading “partnership”. This is a sick joke. Since joining the EEC/EU up until 2008 and allowing for interest we had a balance of trade DEFICIT with the EU of over ₤900 Billion compared to a trading SURPLUS with the rest of the world of over ₤300 Billion despite the huge costs to the UK economy of being in the EU. Allowing for interest, the cost of being in the EU was over £900 Billion, cost of being in the rest of the world; NOTHING! This year’s cost of £130 Billion, (calculated by the Tax Payers Alliance and quoted in the Daily Express, Special Edition, Saturday January 8, 2011) does not include the £Billions the UK has paid this year to back-up the failing Euro.

** The EU imposes trade restrictions on UK imports from the Commonwealth such as NZ butter. Also the coalition government’s commitment to reducing immigration from non-EU countries will virtually prevent Commonwealth citizens from coming to Britain. Yet 590 million EU “citizens” have the legal right to live here. And Cameron wants to increase this number by 70 million by supporting Turkey joining the EU. Amazingly, Gurkha troops who fought for Britain were not initially going to be allowed to live in Britain. Yet any and all EU criminals and gangsters are apparently welcome!

*** This has very nearly already happened. Peter Shore, Labour Minister, pointed out in his book “Separate Ways” (published by Duckworth, 14/09/2000) that EU Commissioner Bonino demanded that Spain’s “rights” in a dispute with the Canadian’s must be upheld by Community action, including the physical protection of Spanish fishing vessels. The RN could have therefore been put under pressure by the EU to confront ships of the RCN to “protect” Spanish trawlers. In the last war the RCN escorted many convoys across the Atlantic losing 24 ships in the process. Canadians suffered over 3300 casualties in the Dieppe raid and over 21,000 Canadians took part in the D Day landings along with 63,000 British and 73,000 American forces.

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