#Judgement on Military Familys
United States of America

I'm an army wife! I have an amazing husband and 3 beautiful kids! I don't abuse my kids! I have many friends that serve that feel this page is attacking our families with no actual proof!

No matter how much we try to show facebook that the page, "Military Parents abuse their Children", is offensive they are not listening!

Help us show them that this page is attacking our soldiers for events not even proven, and that we will not allow this on our watch!

Check it out yourself at facebook.

If you read this you will see how many people are offended by this page!

I'm starting this because facebook is not listening! The facebook page "Military Parents abuse their Children", states that all military families abuse their kids and that if you are on active duty your kids should be taken away!

That page is an insult and an outrage!

The page is putting up false pictures! On one page they have a pic of a little girl whose face is swollen! But as liars they cut off the comments that the condition was because of a peanut allergy! But they blamed military parents!

Child abuse is a serious matter, but attacking all our men and women who serve and have kids is an insult!

Sign this petition to remove that lying page.

Thank you for your support!

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