Secretary of Veteran Affairs: General Eric Shinseki
United States of America

32,226 is the number of our military injured in Iraq.
17,644 is the number of our military injured in Afghanistan.

These numbers are a representation of the physically wounded; they do not include the 250,000 mental injuries such as traumatic brain injury, and post traumatic stress disorder which are known to cause anxiety, depression, rage, anger, mood swings, substance abuse.

These physical and mental wounds often result in the contemplation, attempting, and committing of suicide.

We the undersigned, call on General Eric Shinseki who is Secretary of Veteran Affairs to positively change the policies and procedures of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

A record number of our military has returned from serving 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan only to be denied treatment from Veteran Affairs due to what is deemed as non-service related post traumatic stress disorder.

An astounding number of those denied treatment were physically wounded from their service in either Iraq, or Afghanistan. These brave men, and women served our nation honorably for the cause of global war on terrorism and should be honorably treated without hesitation or hindrance.

18 of our veterans commit suicide daily, we ask you to do more to help.

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