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Japan Fisheries Agency

All over coastal Japan dolphins and small whales are being killed for meat or for a lucrative aquarium business. Despite international condemnation the Japanese Fisheries Department still issue quotas for how many cetaceans are to be killed.

The Taiji fishermen have worked out a way to make sure these figures are efficient. They round up a pod of dolphins by using a wall of sound. The terrified family are then herded into the cove. The babies are picked out and kept aside while they watch their entire family slaughtered by sticking sharp rods into their blowholes and then pegging the blow hole up.

This means the dolphin drowns in it's own blood (this is done to try and keep the waters clean to hide what they are doing from the public eye) Then it gets even more unbelievable. They put the babies in sea slings on the side of the boat and drive them back out to sea.

On December 15th 2014 the cove guardians witnessed an entire family of Risso dolphins killed except one baby who was dumped at sea. The reason is there is only 67 Risso dolphins left on the quota as they have been killing Risso's all season.

We demand that baby dolphins are released with their mothers and family members to ensure the baby's survival. If they are killing the whole family and dumping the babies out in the ocean they should still include these babies in the record of numbers killed. The babies will have no chance of survival and will die, yet the fishermen don't count these as kills. This means they can keep hunting more dolphins until they reach that quota.

We demand that the baby dolphins dumped at sea by the Taiji fishermen with no chance of survival are added as reported kills to the set quota made by the Japanese Fisheries Agency.

These young dolphins will not survive on their own and will die at sea. If they do not record them as kills then they need to ensure their survival- preferably by releasing the whole family.

Currently the fishermen's deceit makes the actual number of dolphins killed different to the reported number killed which is dishonest.

Please ensure that the numbers of dolphins killed in drive fishing is accurate and truthful.

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