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The use of education as a means of division is an ongoing crisis that has proceeded too far long. For years charter schools have been funded to give those students the advantage in education, giving them access to sources of education underly funded public schools can't afford. The issue with charter schools is where they are located and who they are attended by. The fact is the majority of charter schools are located in predominately white and above the average wealthy line. studies suggest that "an increase of 1 percentage point in the fraction of students attending charter schools in a district causes segregation in that district to increase by 0.11 percentage points. For the average district nationwide, this implies that eliminating charter schools would lead to a modest 5 percent decrease in the segregation of black and Hispanic students."

We aim to eliminate segregation in charter schools and give equal access to those minorities that have been disenfranchised from blatant racism. We call to the Florida legislature to proceed with a bill that gives equal opportunity to all races and minorities, as well as increase funding towards public schools in an effort to eliminate educational inequality.

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