United Nations, African Union, Kenyan Leaders

Following the post election fall-out in Kenya as a result of a disputed presidential result, a grave humanitarian crisis has engulfed the nation.

Neighbors have turned against each other; hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced; innocent lives have been lost; and an approximate of a thousand + rape cases reported.

This has been a shock to Kenyans, and has served a severe blow to the socio-economic and political progress of Kenya; once seen as a model democracy for Africa.

We are supporting a quick resolution to the conflict.

We are in support of strategies that will ensure a permanent resolution of underlying issues, that will ensure sustainable peace and development for Kenya.

We are in support of post-conflict recovery and reconstruction that will see Kenya emerge stronger and united.

We are asking the UN, the AU, and Kenyan leaders to implement strategies for monitoring and evaluating the electoral process every election year.

We are supporting the implementation of policies that will see all stakeholders involved in peace building efforts--all the way from the grassroots to the top.

We want sustainable peace!!

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