#Children's Rights
supporting private/charter school disability rights
United States of America

Supporting and advocating rights within the private/charter school system. It is a missing element in bridging the gap within the private/charter school system in having rights for disability rights and inclusion for all.

Rights for all children and advocating right to choose for parents who might want to have the right to go to private/charter schools but have a need to still have services within the private sectors for all children. Have the rights to have the opportunity to choose what educational environment they may want to choose for whether, for religious reason or want a alternate way of learning for their love ones.

The right to choose should be given to all regardless of their circumstances. and services should be for all those who are in need.

We the people want the right to choose and have alternative ways in getting services that is needed and deserved. Disability rights should be in total inclusion for all.

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