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Fight Fire with...? Fire..., right? Try this one...

Fight Fire with Water..
On the 2nd August 2008, Fizterofosy-Tech Productions launched a year long series of events as part of Tech-Park 2009 'The Build Up'. This series of events was created to free Ireland from it's old and somewhat conservative ways, and to make techno in Ireland more acceptable, respectable, and most of all accessible to DJ's and party goer's alike. This cause is not only of benefit to the fans and DJ's of Ireland, but also to Ireland's development as a whole; in regard to it's contribution to the economy, to social integration, acceptance and unity.

-Integrated acceptance as part of a community as opposed to seperated non-acceptance as part of a devide.

The Problem:
As a great disappointment to the launch of this very postitive era, the event was shut down half way through the evening. Months of work had been poured into this event; including both the promoters and each DJ's time, effort and passion. The gig was shutdown due to alcohol consumption during Waterford's annual Spraoi festival. While it is understandable that there are guidelines in place in order to control alcohol consumption at festivals such as Spraoi, it is however, inconsistant and in some ways hypocritical, to allow all other events to continue as hundreds of spectators and fans drank alcohol quite freely. The organisers and artists of other gigs were not held responsible for the consumption of alcohol at their gigs and they were not shutdown.

While I was frustrated and very disappointed at this result, I do not wish to point the finger or to argue with the closing down of the event, as I fully understand that each and every person involved has a job to do and I do not believe that the Garda Siochana have it in for the Techno genre or the people who attend. I believe there is an uncertainty of the ability to safely control these events for the garda involved, and that they can only work on what they believe to be true.. I believe it is a preconcieved misunderstanding that generates a result such as this one. Due to this misunderstanding, it seems a difference in technique is used to act on the law when it comes to events such as these. I wish to suggest a new means of co-operation as opposed to 'no-operation'.

So, the fire we are fighting here is neither the Techno lovers or the Garda. It is the human certainty of misunderstanding and pre-conception that revolves around any vague or unknown entity, genre, art, belief, etc. It is in communicating the facts and creating understanding that we begin to move forward and change things.

The Campaign:
Following the launch of Tech-Park 2009 'The Build Up', Fizterofosy-Tech Productions has decided to use this opportunity to establish the first steps of the Techno Revolution at hand, and in doing so, take into consideration the widely known human certainty, that is fear. The unknown has always caused problems of acceptance in the evolution of human beings, from racism to religion.

With all this in mind Fizterofosy-Tech Productions has concluded that, while techno in Ireland is seen to be underground, dark and dangerous; it can not be altered by means of argument and interrogation but can only be changed and understood through means of expression and co-operation. With this in mind Fizterofosy-Tech Productions has launched a new campaign, a named extension to our mission statement, which is being named, "Fight Fire with Water". A new way of tackling both the concerns, and the misunderstandings that revolve around this great genre. Allowing us to progress by the means we wish to progress, to allow us to continue with our passion and belief, without it being reflected upon as bad news..

This campaign has been created in order to take an alternative approach to getting our beloved music accepted and widely available; free of prejudice and pre-concieved ideas. After all, we all have different hobbies, music, beliefs etc. that we enjoy in life, and the best way to continue to enjoy the above is to communicate that fact; to make the "unknown" known and to become accepted and not seperated. The "Fight Fire with Water" campaign has been created as an addition to Tech-Park 2009 'The Build Up' and will be incorporated into selected events and other ventures; as charity gigs/community events etc. Including in them, innovative ways of generating positive attention as opposed to negative attention.

Let's continue to do what we do, and show it's not all we do, while we do it!

The Petition:
Fizterofosy-Tech Productions is asking you to agree that something needs to be changed. That while it seems there may be prejudice at hand, it is more than likely due to lack of means, understanding and training, for control and management of these events that they are shutdown, and that; with a better understanding of the ideas, passion, and way of the genre, it is possible that we could continue with our passion without the negative attention, as many, many other countries do quite comfortably. To agree that; there were many other genres in the past that were misunderstood and are now widely available and accessible. To pick one quite close to our present situation; rock music was seen as devil music not so long ago.. To agree that it is possible that we would be more successful in further establishing techno to the Irish music industry if we could work together and allow compromise to be put to work. And finally, to agree that it is better to "fight fire with water". Fire on fire will undoubtadely cause more fire, while water may take time to put out a fire, it is a certainty that it will do so in due time.

Fizterofosy-Tech Productions is not asking you to agree to anything you don't already agree to, or to change your ideas on what prejudism is to you or your experiences of this fact. What you are being asked to agree to is that; at present we are up against a misunderstanding, an unknown, and an unfortunate reality.

-A misunderstanding, that is causing events such as these to be shut down.
-An unknown, of what really goes on within the genre of Techno and the people involved.
-And an unfortunate reality, that if we continue to go the way were going, without discussion and compromise, events will continue to get shutdown.

To acknowledge these facts and show that you have an understanding of the uncertainties that need to be addressed and that you would be willing to take part, where possible, in the upcoming events of the Tech-Park 2009 series in order to become a part of a cause that will not only benefit the Techno genre itself but also community development, social integration and cultural expression of this generation. Fizterofosy-Tech Productions would also like to ask anybody who agrees, whether willing to take part or not, that this cause is a viable and potentialy effective means by which to revolutionalise Techno in Ireland and begin an over all more encouraging society. Fizterofosy-Tech Productions would like you to agree that walking at a different angle might just us get there quicker.

Discussion will create reason, reason will create compromise, and compromise will create positive change.

"Take part and help Fizterofosy-Tech Productions and time itself, do the rest"

-For more info go to www.fizterofosy-tech.com

-All who have signed this petition are Techno music enthusiasts, members of the public,members of authority etc. that realise the uncertainties of new age genres and the understandable problems that arise from such. In doing so, we ask that an understanding of the reality of an already present genre, be taken into consideration, and that, all involved, both parties of the genre itself and parties of public order if you will; are willing to allow for discussion and compromise to eb put to work in order to make a passion of the people more acceptable, respectable and most of all accessible.

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