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A petition to support SPEDA, the Single Parent Employment Discrimination Act to offer Single Parents the same protection offered to other minorities.

Dear Members of Congress,We, the undersigned call on you to sign into legislation protections against discrimination in the workforce.

Single parents, especially mothers are a forgotten minority in the United States and the world abroad. Single parents are at a serious disadvantage in the workforce. Studies have shown that they are just as disadvantaged, if not more than disabled individuals and Muslim women, however, there are protections in place for them under the Equal Opportunity Employment Act.

Many seem concerned about skyrocketing welfare rates bogging down our Federal Budget and there is a lot of pressure on single mothers to work,however, not a lot of opportunity. Some have labeled those unemployed mothers as lazy or "using the system". Most single mothers want to get off the "system. "
The reason why so many single parents are unemployed is simple, it is discrimination, otherwise known as a "productivity risk".

Many single mothers (self-included) work tirelessly to obtain a stable position within the workforce only to be turned away. Please support single parents in legislation to even out the employment playing field. The Equal Opportunity Employment Act offers protection to those of other races, those with disabilities, pregnant, gender based and even genetic protections, also age discrimination protections, religion protections and National Origin protections, among others.

Please support SPEDA, the Single Parent Employment Discrimination act to offer this minority the same protection offered to other minorities.

By opening the doors of employment, we may lessen the burden on government assistance agencies and offer a better quality of life to children in Single Parent Households.

You Time is Appreciated, With Thanks,

~Kimberly Millet
SPIN Single Parents Informed Now!

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