Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

The Board of Supervisors will consider rezoning the property owned by at 1460 Orkney Grade Road from High Density Residential (R-3) to General Business (B-2) in order to site a new Dollar General Store to serve Orkney Springs and Basye residents and guests. This property directly abuts existing B-2 zoning and is a logical extension of the existing business zoning in Basye. The Shenandoah Planning Commission met and considered this rezoning on April 5, 2017, and while they approved the site plan as complete and well-done, they did not recommend rezoning. The Shenandoah County Supervisors will consider this rezoning request on April 25th. We believe that area residents deserve the lower prices and increased choices that come from market competition. We believe county government should not be a barrier to private sector growth, new jobs and new choices for customers, or potential revenue that can offset the need for ever increasing property taxes and fees that harm many county residents. We believe many area residents and visitors will benefit from a new, well-designed Dollar General Store, and that having such a store in Basye will increase the likelihood that people will want to live in and visit the area year 'round.

We believe a new Dollar General Store at 1460 Orkney Grade will increase our quality of life in the Basye and Orkney Springs area, create new jobs in both construction and store operations, and provide a competitive option for residents and visitors year round. We will choose to shop locally when given the affordable choice to do so, and we encourage the Board of Supervisors to rezone the property from R-3 to B2 in order to unleash the free market, break up the grocery monopoly that has existed in the area for years, and support private enterprise.

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