#Civil Rights
European Parliament

Support the European Presidency direct Election.

The European Union is primarily the European Union of Citizens. But the Citizens of Europe did not sign the European Constitution. This has been done by officials we have elected.

This year we have the nomination or 'election' of the first European Union President.

Please sign this petition that the first European Union President is direct elected by the citizens of the European Union and not appointed by a group of common interest.

The election of the first ever European President must be exclusively by and from the peoples of the European Union.

Therefore PLEASE sign this petition and it will be published in International Newspapers and presented to the European and National Parliaments.

I NEED YOUR SUPPORT to have chance change this European Union in what it should be. PLEASE sign.

PLEASE help you and all the others citizens in Europe to avoid running into a new system of Soviet Union or like Yugoslavia, still in the middle of a war, brother against brother.
HELP to avoid that such errors are not being made again once more, by technocrats without fatherland. (General De Gaulle)


H. Duthel. European by heart but not this kind of 'Unionist'!
April 29, 2008

Thank you and all the best.

H. Duthel

c/o http://www.duthel.de

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