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Second Saturday Hanalei
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If you have ever attended a Second Saturday Hanalei (SSH) event and enjoyed yourself, please sign our petition to ensure its survival. It has been running successfully for over two years, having grown, evolved and adjusted accordingly to take into account any concerns by retail tenants of Hanalei.

Second Saturday Hanalei is a volunteer-run, art-focused community event. It’s purpose is to build a healthy community, in part by strengthening the connection to traditional Hawaiian values and implementing them wherever possible in contemporary life.

SSH provides a dedicated space and time for the community to gather together, watch movies, listen to local musicians and view local artists and their work. The event has become a dependable gathering for the north shore’s residents and visitors; our fun night to meet and socialize and for the art community to showcase, share and promote their work in a family-oriented environment.

Apparently now Second Saturday Hanalei cannot be held in the Hanalei Center, the grassy are where SSH erects the movie screen and we gather to view and mix amongst ourselves. This location is the best infrastructure for the event. It is a safe and centralized spot that is safe for pedestrians and children and can be seen from all around Hanalei. The coordinators are committed to handling and addressing any problems or issues the Center has faced as a result of SSH.

Let’s share this petition with our friends and family in the hopes that we can show support to bring back our Second Saturday Hanalei family gatherings to the original area.

We feel that Second Saturday Hanalei (SSH) is a vital arts and community resource for Kauai and specifically the north shore, and we want to view movies and gather together at the Hanalei Center. We also:

  • are patrons of the shopping and dining establishments of Hanalei that participate in SSH
  • support local artists and the art community
  • appreciate listening to live music
  • and we enjoy watching surf movies with our families.

To learn more about upcoming events and/or volunteer for helping put up tents or monitor children please visit Second Saturday Hanalei on Facebook.

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