#Children's Rights
Michigan Legislators
United States of America

Under current adoption law in Michigan, only married couples or single individuals are permitted to adopt. This policy makes obtaining a joint legal partnership nearly impossible for two unmarried individuals wishing to adopt a child together.

With thousands of children waiting to be adopted from the foster care system each year, the State of Michigan cannot afford to exclude any population from its adoption discussions; however, it continues to do so by prohibiting non-married individuals from legally co-parenting and permitting only one parent in a same sex couple to legally adopt a child.

If passed, the Second Parent Adoption Bill, Michigan House Bill 4249,would allow two unmarried persons to petition to adopt a child.

All children in Michigan deserve the stability of a permanent home and the security of a legal relationship with two parents.

We, the undersigned, call on the Michigan House of Representatives to pass House Bill 4249 and allow two unmarried persons to jointly petition to adopt a child.

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