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Pressmud or filter cake, a waste by-product from sugar factories, is a soft, spongy, amorphous and dark brown to brownish material which contains sugar, fiber, coagulated colloids, including cane wax, albuminoids, inorganic salts and soil particles.

By virtue of the chemical composition and high content of organic carbon, the usefulness of pressmud as a valuable organic manure has been reported by several workers. They also reported in their research work that the sugar press residue ( SPR) or pressmud is a potential source of major minerals (Ca-2.40%, P-1.27%, K-1.81%, Mg-1.28%, S-2.62%) as well as of trace elements (Cu-22.6ppm, Fe-2042.0ppm, Zn-36.5ppm, Mn-228.0ppm). Razzaq (2001) also reported in his research work that substituting chemical fertilizers with sugarcane filter cake in crop production will add sulfur and boost up O. M. status of soil to satisfactory level within 5-6 years and improve and maintain soil health.

The soil application of pressmud as organic fertilizer is widely practiced in Pakistan and India. It may be due to the fact that it has got sufficient amount of crop nutrient improves soil physico-chemical properties.

Pressmud is a good source of organic matter, NPK and important micro-nutrients and has established its importance in improving fertility, productivity and other physical properties of agricultural soils. Ash is another waste product that can also be used as fertilizer to supply micro-nutrients to soil and crops and also used in landfills and construction industry. Therefore, land application/other use of this industrial waste for crop production/construction provides a feasible and cost effective disposal alternative.

We the undersigned request the Environmental Protection Agency, Pakistan, Sugar Industry Association Pakistan and The United Nations Environmental Protection Agency to popularize the idea adn promote the using of pressmud, ash as organic fertilizer or for any other purpose.

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