#Students' Rights
Texas and United States Government
United States of America

Students across the U.S. have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 Virus. Students can no longer attend in-person classes, go on campus, or attend university events. Universities closed their doors telling students to take online classes. Many students prior to COVID-19 signed off-campus housing leases with the expectation they will be attending university in person in Fall 2020. Circumstances have changed, there is no reason for students to live in these housing communities away from their families and pay full price for it when they can’t even attend class. Many students and their families are out of work, the expectation that these students must pay full price when there is a worldwide pandemic is absurd. Students in large cities like Austin TX also have to worry about their safety. In many cities, there have been unpredictable riots and violent outbursts. These housing companies like Asset Living, American Campus, The Preiss Co are all forcing students to stay in their lease, and pay full price knowing they will be away from family, unable to attend school or go to work to pay their own rent. These are multi-million dollar companies that make millions of dollars every year. If they want to give students a "home away from home" they should be willing and able to give students who signed prior to COVID-19 a reduction on their rent.

We, the undersigned, call on the Texas and U.S. Government to take action against off campus housing companies for holding students to pay full price in rent when they signed prior to COVID-19.

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