The Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled

An eastern Province has taken a proactive approach toward Renewable Energy and those who use it by implementing a Feed In Tariff for those who chose to make renewable energy part of their lifestyle.

Feed In Tariff's allow Albertans to financially benefit the way business in Alberta benefits, in that the flow of electricity over and above use is provided to others at the same rate it is charged. Several European countries use this method to ensure ample utility for all residents.

This would be an excellent opportunity to promote renewable energy in a Province known for "dirty environmental techniques" and to instead be known as "Clean Energy For Albertans, by Albertans."

To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembed:

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, who understand that this petition cannot be directed to one particular caucus, party, or individual Member, AND understand that we must include our name and address so that the Legislative Assembly is aware of the region of the petitioners;

Urge the Government of Alberta to introduce legislation for a Feed In Tariff which will in effect ensure clean air initiatives, enable Albertans to utilize natural energy without a life long cost, possibly eliminate the need to upgrade transmission lines in 25 years, stimulate the Renewable Energy work and education sector, and promote Alberta as a Clean Air Province.

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