Local & State Government, Victoria. Victorian EPA specifically.

Toxic waste is called toxic because it is hazardous to our health. Dumping of toxic waste in Lyndhurst, in the south east of Melbourne continues to this day, and is too close to residences and compromises the health and safety of local communities.

The legalities of the toxic waste being deposited there are still being tested. Even so, we should not have our health and safety compromised, and there must be better ways to manage toxic waste.

In support of the Residents Against Toxic Waste In the South East, we the undersigned are petitioning against the continued depositing of toxic waste in the Lyndhurst Toxic Landfil site.

We ask that VCAT, EPA Victoria, and the minister for the Department of Sustainability & Environment Victoria Hon. Johnstone William Thwaites reconsider the continuance of dumping toxic waste at Lyndhurst, and resolve to manage the toxic waste at a more sensible location, and reduce toxic waste being manufactured.

We require that a timely end to toxic waste acceptance at Lyndhurst to be brought about in the very near future.

The Support RATWISE, Outlaw toxic waste in the south east! petition to Local & State Government, Victoria. Victorian EPA specifically. was written by Matthew Ridgeway and is in the category Health at GoPetition.

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