#Animal Welfare
Hawaii State Government

Many of these animals end up in shelters, fortunate ones are able to make it into well-cared for shelters, where workers provide needed services. Unfortunately, many pups also result in pitiful shelters, left in the dark shacks with thousands of other dogs all stuffed in cages. They are also abused and tortured, they already come in sick, hurt or scared and then they have to suffer more.
In many states and countries, shelters are leaving dogs to die. Owners now have a choice to end their dog's life, we are becoming God and deciding who gets to live and die. That shouldn’t be the case, animal euthanization should be used to end your fellow friends' life in a less suffering way, for instance, we use euthanasia for animals who are injured, considered dangerous, can’t be helped or those dying of old age.
Not only are these animals being abused in shelters, but even in homes and places, we see every day. You may not notice how people treat their dogs in other countries and behind closed doors. Many heartless people breed dogs of all sorts until they no longer can produce. After these dogs can no longer produce offsprings, they give them away, kill them or leave them on the streets as strays. As for the puppies, they keep them in cages and sell them for money. In many of these puppy mills, contains hundreds of dogs with inadequate water, little food, and no love or attention.
Another controversy with animal welfare is dog fights, these animals were not put on Earth to fight each other for entertainment and money. They are considered a mans best friend so why are we letting our dogs fight against each other with one of them ending up badly injured or killed.

With this here, we call on the Hawaii State Government.
We, the undersigned, believe that the law in Hawaii for Animal Welfare should be modified as the following:
- Any act of a person who commits any cruelty to animals; MUST be fined and imprisoned. It should not be an act of a small petty misdemeanor, but under the category of physical and mental abuse to an animal in the first degree. No act should be considered a warning.
We also agree that there should be more accessible shelters around the whole island of Oahu and neighbor islands.

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