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Tom Coburn: Oklahoma State Legislature
United States of America

I am addressing legislators on a concern from pet owners residing in the state of Oklahoma, specifically the city of Moore. It has come to our attention that the interpretation of the animal laws seem to be unfair and unjust in this state.

I understand laws are needed to protect residences within the state, but some cities such as Moore take the law concerning pets to the extreme . It seems the law is being used as a strict black and white policy , with no room for discussion.

Surely, these laws were not intended to “dispose” of people’s pets that are considered family, when a small mistake is made and the animals get out on a rare occasion. I truly believe this law was intended for animals that are dangerous to the community or for strays.

The law at this time is unclear and the City of Moore has deemed dogs dangerous and threatened and terminated animals lives on the weak foundations such as: being “seen” out by a mincing neighbor but when animal control gets there they are not out and no sign that they have been. It is also unjust to terminate the life of a dog because they rarely get out and have never caused harm.

This should not be allowed. Please sign this petition if you are a resident of the STATE of Oklahoma although I do appreciate global support the petition is only valid for the state residences.

We the undersigned electors of Oklahoma request a change in the Oklahoma dog at large laws. We request the dog at large and vicious dog definition as well as all penalties be explained as: undeniably off or outside the premises belonging to the person having the control custody or possession of the dog while the dog is not under the complete control of such person by means of an adequate leash, or is within a vehicle of such person.

Such events must be witnessed by city, state, or a government official. If a dog is classified “at large” any time it is outside of a completely enclosed or fenced area while not attached to a solid object or person capable of controlling it with a sturdy leash; the persons permitting a dog to be at large will result in a citation unless undeniable proof animal has harmed property of substantial amount, other animals, or individuals deeming the animal vicious; in which case a citation can occur as well as possibility of impounded and disposed of as otherwise provided by the law or sold to discharge the cost and penalties provided for the violation of such prohibition and the expense of the impounding and keeping the same for such sale; and may also provide for the erection of all needful pens, pounds, and buildings for the use of said county at any place within said county.

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